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The Core 3 Method

Building the MIND. BODY. SPIRIT.


Anytime, Anywhere

Adaptive Basketball

6-8 Week League $550 Jersey, Basketball, and end of season Party  


The Vison of the program created by a need in the world and we are here to meet it. Its simple. "treat each and every person that starts your program like family." 

Each client is different in their own amazingly special way. So not only would we have to adapt training techniques but we would have to know each and every clients diagnosis, their likes, dislikes, triggers, and most importantly WHAT MAKES THEM SMILE. 

MIXING UP ALL WALKS OF LIFE, ALL DEMOGRAPHICS AND ALL LOVERS OF LIFE UNDER 1 ROOF WHAT ALWAYS MY VISION. now each and everyday I get to change lives with Health, Wellness and Laughter. 

Our Services



Birthdays are special occasions that mark the anniversary of our birth, and they should be celebrated by everyone. While some people might consider their birthday to be just another day, there are a whole host of reasons why it’s important to take the time to acknowledge and celebrate this important milestone.


Coach G and the Core 3 provide a save space for our members to celebrate life with food, games and love

So Fresh and So Clean

For starters, new clothes offer a sense of rejuvenation. As we slip into a fresh ensemble, it's as if we shed the old and embrace the new, physically and mentally. This renewal of self-esteem can be empowering, boosting confidence and self-assuredness. The external transformation often ignites an internal one as well. Each time we giveaway a new shirt, new socks, new shoes the look of excitement and pride in appearance is noticeable for weeks to come.3x per year Coach G makes sure we bless our participants with something Fresh and Clean

lets work 

Providing our young members with the skillset to gain employment when ready, 

assistance in the learning and study of Personal training/ nutrition/ wellness certifications. 

Greg Johnson knows that better jobs mean better opportunities for these individuals, their children, and their families. The goal is to pull generations out of poverty by providing the skills and self-confidence for those willing to gain meaningful employment.